September Update

Covid-19 has presented interesting challenges for productions, but we are steadily working to move forward through this. Production scheduling has slowed down, we’ve been notified that due to Covid-19 the Montana Film Commission is not completing the grant program we were in the running for. We are having to take things at a far slower pace than anticipated. We are currently in production of a full length documentary featuring the Orphan Girl Children’s Theater in Butte, MT. We will be looking to pick back up Veteran Talk Montana in a couple of months as well. We are also working on some creative projects that we are excited about. Lots of great stuff coming in the next few months. Thank you for your continued support.

End of 48-Hour Fundraiser

Thank you for your generous contributions. We raised $2600 for productions. Supporters will be receiving follow up letters within the next week. We will also be posting filming updates in the next couple of days. Thank you again for your support. 

38 Hour Update

So far we have raised $2,340. Thank you so much for your support!

12 Hour Update

12 Hour Update:
So far we have raised $1300.00. Thank you so much to those that have contributed so far. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

48 Hour Fundraiser for 406 Stories - Tales Under the Big Sky

We are running a 48 hour funding campaign for 406 Stories - Tales Under the Big Sky to help support a grant application package we've applied for. These donations will show public support for 406 Stories and hopefully help with the positive review of our grant application package. Anything you can donate would be of great help. If you can't donate, please share and help us get the word out.

Donation Link:Fundraising Site

Right now the majority of production costs are being covered by the members of “In The Ditch Productions, LLC”. We are asking for sponsorship (both personal & business) for future productions to help us keep telling the story of the amazing talent featured throughout Montana.
Any contribution, no matter how small is appreciated.

$1 to $49 - “Thank” you in the end credits of the newest episode.

$50 to $99 - “Thank you in the end credits and on IMDB.

$100 to $199 - “Production Associate” credit in the end credits and on IMDB.

$200 to $299 - “Associate Producer” credit in the end credits and on IMDB.

$300 to $499 - “Corporate Sponsor” credit in the end credits and on IMDB

$500 - “Episode Sponsor” credit in the opening credits and in the end credits. Credit on IMDB as well.

Any inquires or questions can be sent to

406 Stories - 48 Hour Fundraiser Video from In the Ditch Productions on Vimeo.

Hey all, we've updated our production company website to a new website. Please check it out!